Posted by: MSirod | 17 November 2006

Finding Your Purpose

You most likely yearn to know your purpose in life. "How can I find my purpose? Is the question that I am asked most often. The questioner often elaborates on his or her dilemma by saying," I would be happier if I could be on purpose, but I just don’t know what my purpose in life is." My response is that you come into this world with absolutely nothing. You will leave this physical world with exactly the same. All of your acquisitions and achievements can’t go with you. Therefore, the only thing you can do with your life is give it away. You’ll find yourself feeling purposeful if you can find a way to always be in the service of others.

Purpose is about serving. It’s about taking the focus off of you and your self-interest, and serving others in some way. You build because you love to build. But you build to make others happy. You design because your heart directs you to. But those designs are in the service of others. You write because you love to express yourself in words. But those words will help and inspire readers. If you don’t yet know your purpose, you’ll continue to seek it throughout the various stages of your life.

Stop taking your life so personally, You can end any and all suffering by reminding yourself that nothing in the universe is personal. Of course you’ve been taught to take life very personally, but this is an illusion. Tame your ego, and absolutely free yourself from ever taking anything personally.

Keep these thoughts in mind, particularly when you feel lost or are unsure of your purpose: "My purpose is about giving. I’ll direct my thoughts off of me, and spend the next few hours looking for a way to be of service to anyone or any creature on our endangered planet." This will bring you back to a realization that it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re able to give. In order to fully give and be of service and ultimately feel purposeful, you must be able to say,"Yes," when you ask yourself," Do I really posses what it is that I wish to give away?"


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