Posted by: MSirod | 20 July 2008

How to Write Job Description

Date :
Friday, 08-08-2008
08:30 AM – 05:00 PM

Venue :
Aston Atrium Hotel
Jakarta, Indonesia

Fee :
Rp. 1.000.000

Seminar/Conference Description :
The advantage of having carefully prepared, properly used job descriptions should be obvious to anyone, especially to those who work in the personnel field. However, based on our observation to companies, multinational or local, even for big companies, so many of them have not prepared and used their job description properly, many of these benefits have lost or overlooked.

With this background we design this workshop with the objective to provide participants with the ability to write a job description correctly.

Other Benefits

  • Understand the reason of job description writing
  • Know the benefits of a good job description (to Job Evaluation, Job Grading, Remuneration, Objective Setting, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development and Career Planning)
  • Able to identity key result areas of your own
  • Learn how to write a job description step by step.

Speaker :
Sahala P. Sinurat
He accomplished, after getting a scholarship from Overseas Fellowship Program (World Bank), his master degree in Operations Research from University of Delaware, Newark (US) in 1990. With a proven record of teaching, training and consulting experiences and exposure to different cultures behind him, as he held several positions at various organizations that include: -Consultant and Professional Staff to Lembaga PPM -Training and Development Manager for Rothmans of Pall Mall Indonesia -Training and Development Manager for the British American Tobacco (BAT). Mr Sinurat has more than 8500 hours of teaching in addition to his consulting experience. His client list include PT Phillip Morris Indonesia, PT Jasa Marga, PT Pelindo II, PT DaimlerChrysler, PT Capsugel Indonesia, PT Pembangunan Jaya Ancol, PT BAT, PT Rothmans of Pall Mall Indonesia, PT Coca Cola Bottling Company, PT Amarta Karya, PT Surveyor Indonesia, etc.

Outline :

  1. Introduction / Background
    • Workshop Objectives
    • Participant Expectation.
  2. Job Description Definition
  3. Why Job Description is Important?
  4. General Procedure in Job Description Writing
  5. Who is Responsible to Write a Job Description
  6. Job Description Format
  7. Job Description Writing Method
    • Preliminary information
    • Position purpose
    • Practical exercise
    • Dimension
    • Major Accountabilities
    • Practical exercise
    • Organization structure
    • Nature and scope
    • Problem Solving
    • Challenges
    • Essential and desirable qualification
    • Practical exercise.

Closing (Summary and Conclusion).



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