Posted by: MSirod | 8 June 2009

BE CAREFULL!!! Email dari seorang Penipu >> MISSING GOODS

Guys, if you receive this email in your inbox, just DELETE it. I'm
sure that it is not responsible email from unresponsible person. If
you care, don't reply it, just forward to POLICE.


———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Jun 7, 2009 9:22 PM

Please, I want you to read this mail carefully and understand the
contents very well before you reply because i would like you to
understand it very well before we start so we will not end up half way
without finishing. I am a Staff of a FEDEX EXPRESS DELIVERY COMPANY
Jakarta Indonesia
yesterday i was re-arranging my office during the process of arranging
the warehouse i found a box that have been in the warehouse for a long
time now,i tried to found out the content inside the box, to my
surprise i discovered 25 sony laptops, 18 blackberry phones,12
panasonic digital video coverage cameras,1box of gold with ten million
eight hundred Dollars (10,800,000.00usd).
if you want me to send it to you as the owner then contact me here with this information
1, Your full name
3,Copy of international passport or drivers license
4,Age and Occupation.
5,Phone and Fax number reachable
Remember this deal is for you and me not you and Fedex Express
Kim Johnson

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